Richard Armstrong

Managing knowledge and assets to achieve success

Our Services

Our Services

We work with cultural institutions, social entrepreneurial organizations, and other non-profits. We help artists, athletes, business figures, and community leaders to adjust focus. We advance the common good and strengthen the bottom line.

Leading & Team Building

Structuring work groups to maximize focus, collaboration, performance, and results

Institutional Sponsorships

Identifying criteria, strategy, priorities, and investment parameters

Dynamic Engagement

Communicating with clients, convening for best-practice exchange, training for successful networking

About Us

Richard Armstrong: a senior executive with 20 years of non-profit experience.
His approach: genial and collaborative.
His results: sustainable and mindful of organizational goals.

Who We Are

Richard has worked with world class cultural institutions, innovative non-profits, artists, athletes, community, civic and corporate leaders with a singular focus on building ground-breaking agreements that advance the common good and strengthen the bottom line.

What We Do

We advise non-profits, foundations, and companies, translating core strategies into high-impact partnerships. We combine real-life leadership experience with executive coaching skills to bring out the best in people and their teams. We manage knowledge and assets to achieve success.

Richard founded Boston FishStix a saltwater flyfishing business and is a Camp Harbor View Advisory Council member.

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